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What does Digipathy.com do?

Digipathy.com works for making healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenien

Digipathy.com paves the way for connecting doctors and patients in the modern and easiest way.

What are the products offered by Digipathy.com for consumers?

Pro - Professional and top of class doctors' platform ensuring easy to find solutions for patients

What are the products offered by Digipathy.com for doctors?

Doctors' Website - Build your digital presence, create profiles so more patients can discover you and find more information about you.

Prescription - Consult patients online and generate prescriptions.

Social Media Presence - Make sure you stay informative and resourceful to your patients.

What measures does Digipathy.com have in place for the protection of user data security and privacy?

Safety of your data is our top priority. We have multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent policies in place to ensure your data remains safe and secure. We take data privacy and security very seriously.

Does Digipathy.com have a verification process for doctors who sign up on the platform?

Yes. All the doctors on the Digipathy.com platform are 100% genuine and their degrees are verified by our expert consultants' team.

Why do you display doctor photos? Isn't this advertising?

No. We display doctor photos across all doctor profiles for patient protection. Their sole purpose is to help patients make sure that the same doctor they booked is attending to them.